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Furniture industry


Pillows based on polyurethane foam. We offer a wide selection of materials, which are the basis of molded highly elastic, viscoelastic and "latex" polyurethane foams, whose properties correspond to a wide range of requirements and allow to obtain products of the most complex configuration. They are in demand by furniture manufacturers.


Foam Memories (Viscoelastic). Memori VISCOUS FOAM, unlike ordinary polyurethanes and rubbers, yields to the load of the human body not instantly, but slowly and lazily. Memori slowly envelops, and also lazily restores its shape after a load. Also, memorials are heat-sensitive. With excessive heating it becomes soft, with excessive cooling (below 16) it becomes foam rigid.


Foam rubber of various types The component systems developed by TSL guarantee a high-quality block foam rubber for furniture with special properties: highly elastic, non-flammable. Foam foam duplicated by the fire method is successfully used as soft stuffing of furniture and mattresses.

Poline WM 150

Imitation wood and decor for furniture. Strength, lightness and, most importantly, unlimited possibilities for designers are the main reasons for the popularity of decorative elements made of polyurethane foams. Depending on the requirements, we offer various polyurethane systems. All of them are distinguished by high manufacturability, provide uniform filling of filling molds of the most complex configuration and obtaining high-quality products with an aesthetic surface. Finished products easily lend themselves to coloring and various types of decoration, which are now widely used in the furniture industry.