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Shoe industry


Special shoes. Strength, lightness, resistance to strong environmental conditions, elasticity, even at low temperatures - these properties have polyurethane for soles of industrial and military shoes based on polyurethane systems of the TSL SS - 210 family


Casual shoes. What properties should modern shoes have? Comfort, environmental friendliness and aesthetics! Many fashion designers give their preference to polyurethane, since it is a material that allows you to implement various ideas.


Sport shoes. Polyurethane systems for the production of sports shoes allow you to get extremely lightweight soles, competing in this indicator with a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. At the same time, polyurethane is highly resistant to deformation and can withstand heavy loads.


Beach and house shoes. The unique nature of polyurethane makes it a very diverse material. Varying its composition, it is possible to obtain products from very soft ones used in the manufacture of insoles to very hard ones used in women's shoes on the platform. It is also possible to change the density over a wide range.