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Construction sandwich panels (continuous). A significant part of the TSL product range is focused on the construction market. Long experience of cooperation, careful attention to all the wishes of customers, allow the company to offer modern polyurethane systems that have no analogues in the polyurethane market. The low thermal conductivity of the polyurethane foams obtained on the basis of these systems, their high adhesion to facing materials, excellent strength properties and dimensional stability over a wide temperature range cause a constantly high interest in this segment of the product.


Steel door insulation. The company has a lot of innovative polyurethane systems that open up additional competitive advantages to partners and the ability to produce a wide range of thermal insulation products. All other advantages, such as: strength, reliability, durability, appearance, maintainability, environmental friendliness and others - are derived from those listed above. And finally, there is one more important advantage: this is the high technological effectiveness of polyurethane systems, which is understood as a low level of labor costs, high productivity and stable accuracy, quality, and repeatability of the production result.


Spraying The spraying technology is used to insulate walls, ceilings, roofs of buildings and structures from any building materials, as well as to isolate pipelines, tanks, reservoirs, vegetable and oil storage facilities, freezers and refrigerators.


Polyurethane foam. Foam based on the company's polyurethane systems is currently actively used for installing and fixing window and door blocks, window sills, filling seams, voids, holes, slots, for mounting and insulation of wiring. In the production of polyurethane foam, two-component polyurethane systems are used, the composition and quality of which significantly affects the properties of the final product.


Decor . The main advantage of decorative elements made from systems is the combination of a tough and strong integral peel and a lighter core. This feature allows you to produce large-sized, but light, compared with gypsum, wood and concrete, elements of the interior and exterior. Depending on the requirements, the company supplies various polyurethane systems, allowing to obtain products with different density and stiffness. The systems are distinguished by high adaptability, provide uniform filling of casting molds of the most complex configuration and obtaining high-quality products with an aesthetic surface. Finished products are easy to stain and various types of decoration.


Block polyurethane foam. To obtain a rigid block polyurethane foam, Dow Izolan company offers both two-component and multi-component systems with various foaming agents. Polyurethane foam blocks are used for the manufacture of products for various purposes. Blocks are cut into panels of the required thickness, which are used for thermal insulation of rooms, refrigerators, industrial freezers. Duplication of panels with facing materials (metal sheets, fiberglass, decorative materials) allows them to be used as finishing plates of both external and internal walls of buildings. In addition, this material is used for the manufacture of shells, insulating pipelines with hot coolants.