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Seats. Our company supplies high-tech, fast-curing systems designed for the production of molded elastic polyurethanes, which are the main material for the production of seat cushions, head restraints, car seat backs and railway car seats.


Isothermal vans An important component of the transportation of goods is the delivery of goods on time while maintaining its integrity and presentation. This is more relevant for perishable goods transported in isothermal vans and refrigerators, where maintaining the required temperature is one of the priority tasks for the carrier. In addition to the refrigerators themselves, isothermal vans can be used as a heated vehicle suitable for habitation.


Soundproofing. One of the most important characteristics of open-cell polyurethane foams is its effective sound insulation. This unique property is also actively used by car manufacturers, because a distinctive feature of modern vehicles is reliable sound insulation. In many respects, it is ensured by the use of polyurethane foams based on TSL NC-01 systems, combining good fluidity and fast curing and creating conditions for obtaining high-quality products.


Filters Air and oil filters with sealing and sealing gaskets made on the basis of TSL FC-47 systems are used for air purification in car engines. Unlike previously used PVC plastisols, polyurethane systems cure without heating and provide a very short production cycle. A wide range of systems allows you to choose the best option in terms of applicable technology and requirements for the final product.