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Refrigeration equipment


Domestic Refrigerators. Products manufactured on the basis of TSL DR - 35 systems have excellent insulation properties, low density, high content of closed cells, excellent dimensional stability and uniform distribution of density throughout the product. TSL offers a wide range of insulation systems for household refrigerators.


Pharmaceutical refrigerators. The most important qualities that modern medical and pharmaceutical refrigerators must have are the maintenance of the required temperature regime with minimal fluctuations and energy costs. Such equipment makes it possible to satisfy the full range of requirements of customers choosing our systems. Low thermal conductivity, uniform density distribution of the resulting insulating material and its exceptional dimensional stability.


Torus refrigerators. Polyurethane foam systems for insulation of commercial refrigeration equipment supplied by TOP SMART LINE are characterized by excellent fluidity, which ensures the filling of products with complex configurations even at low foam densities. Foams are characterized by low thermal conductivity and high dimensional stability.


Thermal insulation for Vans. The purpose of cargo transportation is to deliver goods on time in the safest and most integral way while not losing their presentation. This is more relevant for perishable goods transported in isothermal vans and refrigerators, where maintaining the required temperature is one of the priority tasks for the carrier.


Water heaters. The problem of lack of hot water supply is fully solved by water heaters. An effective solution to the problem of maintaining the temperature regime in the storage tank of a water heater is to use rigid polyurethane foam, characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties.